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Shayne Evans

We finally got a chance recently and it was great. It will definitely be our go to for any all you can eat Sushi. It’s hands down better than any other all you can eat sushi in town and better than most other regular sushi joints.

Noah Bielby

This was a fun place to eat! The AYCE was a great value. The sushi was very delicious and fresh. Our last piece was just as good as our first. We will be back for sure!

Mike Nguyen

So full and happy!!! Our server was amazing as well and kind to our chaotic party, the sushi was tasty as well.

At Kasumi Sushi, you will be able to taste food that will make you want to eat.



About Me

Kasumi Sushi is a Japanese restaurant located at 151 North 8th Street, Suite 100, Lincoln, Nebraska, United States. Kasumi Sushi offers a wide selection of Japanese dishes, from classic sushi to popular fried noodles, to suit every taste.

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151 N 8th St STE100, Lincoln, NE 68508

· Buffet available
· Special meal times
· Vegetarian food available